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Networking, the new Ariadne’s Thread

December 12, 2008
Networking - the New Ariadne\'s Thread

Book - Networking, the New Ariadne's Thread

Note: this post was originally published on Early Strategies blog

Although this is and extra-professional and volunteer work, I’m happy to present my latest publication on this blog: it’s about women’s professional networking and women’s networks. We started with a survey, “How do women network?” in March, and ended up with a white paper and a book.

The objective was to understand women’s professional behaviors and to decrypt the conducts (quantitative, best practices, dos and don’ts…) both in person and online. For those of you interested in virtual networks, I gathered genders estimates in this table, in the book p32: a few of the best known online social networks (Compiled in Sept. 08. Sources: Cybernetnews, NYTimes, Nielsen, LinkedIn, Rapleaf, myspacemoneymagnet, mashable, plaxo, findarticles, secondelife, red herring, spoke, viadeo, Xing, Adconion).

Network Founded in Nbr of members Annual growth
% women


Facebook Feb. ’04 110 million incl. 3 in France 231% 56.4% Social, international, business start-up use
LinkedIn May ’03 23 million incl. five in Europe 196% 38% Business, international
MySpace Aug.’03 325 million 150% 63% Social, international
Plaxo 2002 50 million 184% 62% International, business, address book
Second Life June ’03 15 million 196% 43% Social, virtual reality
Spoke 2002 40 million and 2.3M companies Not available NA International, business, CRM
Viadeo Summer ’04 5 millions incl. 2.5 in Europe 190% 40% Business, France/China
Xing Nov.’03 6 million incl. 2.1 in Germany and 4.3 in Europe 201% 31% Business, Europe

Both the “How do women network?” survey results and the book are available in French : “Comment réseautent les femmes?” and “Réseaux – le nouveau fil d’Ariane”. Both books can be bought from Happy reading !


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