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2 coaches & 1 consultant musing on learning

February 7, 2010
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Celebrating at the Café de l'Homme / Trocadéro

I had lunch with two of my CCC classmates to celebrate: we just handed over our executive master’s dissertations and had a well deserved flute of Champaign; after several weeks of researching and writing, some days around the clock. I arrived early and at first thought it was weird: I was in Le Café de l’Homme at the Trocadéro and there was only men around! Might have been a coincidence, though, as the (nice) place filled with both men and women then.

Katarina is an executive coach working across Europe, famous in Czech Republic, her country of origin.  Agnès is an executive coach too, working with all sorts of disruptive business situations and innovative methodologies. I am an executive consultant on organizational change, an more specifically disruptive change.  What links us three is knowledge we sharpen together at Oxford and HEC during 14 months…

We mostly discuss on learning, and why and how to continue lifelong learning:

  • because it keeps you young – stress to finish that dissertation brought back teenagers memories
  • it makes you happy getting older, however old you are – searchers and philosophers often reach their thinking maturity after 70, that gives us some range – postpone the botox age ;) – and the more you use your brain, not only with sudoku, the more it develops (that’s neuroscience)
  • it adds a positive challenge to one’s life – you never know how it will change you
  • it keeps you open and adaptable, faster – and this is great in a world changing so fast
  • learning never ends – even if you narrow the area, there’s always something to learn

Bref. Once we’ve start to learn as adults, something like a smooth addiction seems to happen. Maybe because of what we learned: sociology, philosophy, anthropology, and other things around change. Anyway we’re thinking on setting up a learning group to exchange on how we are using this new knowledge we acquired (both Katarina and Agnès for example recently used scenario planning in coaching …) and what we’re at (Katarina researches on Obliquity, and I do on Serendipity). To be continued!

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