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November 2011 update, about my editors

I’ve still to learn the purest English, and this is made difficult by the fact that British and Americans (and their sub-categories) do not always agree on what this should be. So I must thank my editors, who helped with their bright advises. Among them, Martin Silman who started as a customer, editing the two white papers I wrote for AT&T, reviewed many of my posts until beginning 2010;  Rick Torseth edited “E2.0: uncovering humans“; more to come, I will thank them here. When you see typos and mistakes, whether I did on my own or I was inattentive.


Bonjour. I am Cécile Demailly, welcome to my blog. This is my picture on the right. I am an organizational change consultant focusing on disruptive changes, working with HR and IT executives in multinational corporations. I founded my business Early Strategies in 2008.

After  the ISG business school, I started my career with IBM, learning in the operational, regulatory and legacy systems areas, before moving to product management. I had fun managing hardware and software products; in the 90’s I moved to the IBM Global Network to take care of internet offers at EMEA then globally. That was the time when we started to deliver roaming services with PSTN – remember when you plugged your computer into the phone and connected through a dialer? After that, I joined AT&T Business with others from the IBM team, and that was even more fun – networks were the core business, and soaring. At that time, the cloud was only something corporations dialed around to backup their fixed lines connections. We had hubs and spokes, and started meshing with ‘new generation networks’. I had the opportunity to lead the EMEA Product Management department, and among other things, to launch the first ADSL business services in Europe. I then led the Technical Marketing department, for Europe then globally, covering 63 countries (and thanks to the great people in my teams, I enjoyed distant and cross-cultural management, as I directly managed people from up to 13 nationalities located in 11 countries).

In 2004, I left AT&T to start a business in sustainable energies, but the market was not mature, nor were my plans. I went back to the blue chips world at GE Healthcare, and learned a lot about corporate cultures (IBM and AT&T had similarities, GE was different), the growth-growth-growth mantra, six sigma and lean management, and emulation. That completed well my technology-process-change DNA from IBM and AT&T!

But I had caught the entrepreneur’s virus … So in 2008, I started Early Strategies, to consult on strategy and organizational change. Enterprise 2.0 became my focus thanks to my first customer AT&T for whom I wrote whitepapers and fueled strategic thinking, and through extracurricular activities – I have been VP Think Tank Communities for the European Professional Women’s Network federation, a network of over 3500 women managers and executives across Europe. I also work on other disruptive changes, such as the market introduction of disruptive technology and the implementation of corporate sustainable responsibility. From December 2008 to spring 2010, I went back to school for the Executive MSc Consulting and Coaching for Change with HEC and Oxford Saïd Business School, a riveting executive programme on organizational change including sociology, anthropology, psychology and more. And since then, I have been studying neurosciences – great addition for organizational consulting, since it comes along with a systemic approach, allowing to fine-tune individual, managerial and organizational action plans – at the Institute of Neurocognitivism, the education branch of the Institute of Environmental Medicine in France.

This blog is my personal blog. I am a passionate about early adoption, technology, change, diversity and sustainable development. I also like to network (and published a book on it, “Networking, the new Ariadne’s Thread”). I tweet as well.

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  1. February 13, 2010 12:21 pm

    Something in your words sounds “electric” and i get the feeling your blog is truly going to live up to it’s name. :)

  2. Rick Torseth permalink
    January 7, 2011 3:18 am


    I just worked my way to your blog. Love it. Both the content and the clean design. I’m going to push it along to some in my network. Nice work. Happy New Year and look forward to catching up in Paris come March.

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