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“Corporate directories are becoming “enhanced”” 2011 research report (press release); French version: “Les annuaires internes deviennent intelligents” (Communiqué de presse)

“Toward Enterprise 2.0” 2010 research report

White paper with AT&T: “The Business Impacts of Social Networking

Paperback, within EuropeanPWN’s Women@work collection, “Networking, the New Ariadne’s Thread” co-authored with Marie-Claude Peyrache (also in French, same url)

White paper for AT&T: “Speeding the adoption of Enterprise 2.0”

Speaking engagements

Cécile Demailly regularly speaks on social networking impacts and challenges for corporations, as well as on how to plan one’s personal social networking strategy, and the specifics of women’s professional networking.


  • October 26th, Enterprise 2.0 Summit, Frankfurt, Managing Change workshop panelist
  • September 26th, the Change Leaders CoP/Oxford Alumni Weekend, Today’s Trends Impacting Organizations
  • oups … didn’t keep track


  • June 17th, Barlow Research webinar, replay here
  • June 9th, ESSEC women’s alumni network, CNIT, Paris, social networking strategies
  • June 3rd, AIPBW, Oslo, Your ‘Digital Image’ and how it Matters in the Networking World!
  • April 14th, Accenture ‘Accent sur Elles’, Les réseaux sociaux virtuels – une opportunité pour les femmes ?’
  • March 18th, AT&T webinar, ‘Speeding the corporate adoption of social networking’
  • March 9th, Morgan Stanley and EuropeanPWN-London, London, ‘Networking, the New Ariadne’s Thread’
  • March 6th, Global Dialogue Center, webinar for the international women’s day
  • February 9th, WCN, Vienna, ‘Networking, the New Ariadne’s Thread’


  • December 11th, EuropeanPWN-Paris, press conference and speaker lunch, ‘Networking, the New Ariadne’s Thread’
  • September 19th, WIN, Barcelona, ‘Self marketing in the digital age’
  • June 19th, Lagardère Media Campus, Paris, ‘L’influence des réseaux sociaux’
  • May 30th, EuropeanPWN-Nice Côte d’Azur, ‘Your ‘digital image’ and how it matters in the networked world!’
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